Our Team

Britt Bjoro West

Britt brings a love of colour and a passion for painting with acrylics together beautifully in her artwork, as well as experimenting creatively with other media on canvas and in her art journals. She has 2 wonderful children, a cat and a sanctuary in the garden for painting.

Karen Lewis

Karen loves playing with media and finding new ways of expressing herself (messily). The current favourites are glass paints, textiles and watercolours. She also has two wonderful children, one dog and an art-space in the shed at the bottom of the garden (although she can’t contain it all there).


Mission Statement

Dream Big, Keep Creating, Be You!

We’re on a quest to uncover the fun, adventure & freedom in everyday life.  We love helping you lovely people to let go and let the paint flow, releasing your individual creativity.
Joining our community means you can learn to make your world more beautiful and make a difference globally too, by supporting our anti-slavery and anti-trafficking partners.
Please, join our journey and discover just how wonderful life is, just like Albert says.

What we do

Founded in 2003 by Britt & Karen, Arty Giraffe has provided tutorials, workshops and a nurturing creative space for a wide variety of individuals and groups over the past 17 years.

Everyone is creative but sometimes we need a little encouragement to express ourselves confidently and that’s just what we do!

We are now sharing our most popular lessons via e-courses and workshops so whether you are an enthusiastic beginner or a talented pro, we believe we have something to inspire you. New for 2019 is art weekends.

Having taken on-line courses ourselves over the years, as well as teaching workshops, we have learned to deliver courses that students want with lessons that are fun and easy to follow.

We are especially fond of creating things that do not demand a lot of time to watch, learn or make but with stunning results. Our videos and lessons on-line are therefore very easy to follow, as well as to the point. We don’t want you to spend too much time in front of the screen, because it’s all about the creating.

Our workshops are held in Reading and we have 4 hours of fun whilst learning new skills and producing a beautiful piece of art. See workshops for info on next workshop.  We now also do weekend workshops “Time to Fly”.

We are passionate about creativity and finding your unique voice in the world. Over the years we have worked with many who have said hey were not artistic to unlock the creativity inside them.

Keep Smiling and Keep Creating!


My creative side was dormant, you woke me up. I enjoyed myself so much! It was a brilliant and inspiring day. Thank you!


Heart on canvas workshop…..
I really enjoyed this Worksop as I was able to create a beautiful picture, whilst learning new skills. Britt and Karen are inspired tutors, showing us each stage, and gave us tips as we went along.
I am very much looking forward to the next one.
Thank you Arty Giraffe!

Angela I. Bates

I had an amazing time discovering my inner creative side. The tuition was easy to follow and to keep up with.
Great value for money and brilliant tutors. Thank you!