Our Team

Britt Bjoro West

Britt has a passion for colour and loves painting with acrylics, as well as experimenting with other media on canvas and in art journals. She lives in Reading with her family, is part of The Gate Church and is one half of Arty Giraffe, along with Karen.

Karen Lewis

Karen loves mixing up different art & craft mediums, often with a fair bit of mess but a lot of joy. She lives in Reading with her family, is part of The Gate Church and is the other half of Arty Giraffe.


Our much loved giraffe mascot! Albert is the result of a community project where young and old  came together to decorate him with decopatch. He has been a faithful member of the Arty Giraffe team ever since and his main mission is to bring joy.


Grace Gallery Artists

Jenny Whitfield

Jenny has enjoyed art all her life. After completing art A level, she later began to partner with God in creating art. This also resulted in becoming part of the art team leadership at The Gate church, Reading.

She uses an extensive range of mediums including media, acrylics, fabric, embroidery, silk painting, watercolours, paper and pens. Her favourite of these being, mixed media. Jenny also creates prophetic pictures and some 3D pieces. Following on from this, she has done stained glass making and a silver jewellery course.

Colours make Jenny’s soul sing, colours anywhere: fabric, paint swatches, nature. Through her art she endures to speak out God’s truth.

Louise Bjoro

Largely inspired by the details of our surroundings, Louise reproduces in her own way, nature’s aesthetic pleasure. She also enjoys photography, and has been creative for as long as she can recall.

As a toddler, her mother witnessed Louise propel drawing pencils across the room in play group, when she was frustrated with the outcome of her drawing. Since improving on that perfectionist temper, Louise joyfully creates soft paintings focusing on attention to detail. Taking thorough enjoyment from the moments of being fully immersed in her artwork.

Joanna Parmar

Joanna started painting in her late thirties, thinking previously that she couldn’t paint. She was encouraged to pick up a paintbrush at a group at The Gate church, where she received encouraging comments and continued from there.

Preferring to paint with acrylics, Joanna uses either a palette knife or brush. However, she also enjoys finger painting, working with mixed media, and watercolours. Particularly drawn to painting birds and trees, she has also discovered enjoying the process of pushing and mixing vibrant colours around the canvas to create abstract art.

Joanna’s grandfather was an artist based in Cornwall and Joanna herself dreams of living by the sea, painting the beautiful scenery. For now, she is living in Purley-on-Thames right beside the river, enjoying the scenery there.

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Mission Statement

Dream Big, Keep Creating, Be You!

We’re on a quest to uncover the fun, adventure & freedom in everyday life.  We love helping you lovely people to let go and let the paint flow, releasing your individual creativity.
Joining our community means you can learn to make your world more beautiful with other like-minded creatives.

As well as doing art days and weekends we are planning to set up an online community in 2022 and hope you will want to come along and join our journey in uncovering love, hope and creativity!

What we do

Founded in 2003 by Britt & Karen, Arty Giraffe has provided tutorials, workshops and a nurturing creative space for a wide variety of individuals and groups over the past 17 years.

Everyone is creative but sometimes we need a little encouragement to express ourselves confidently and that’s just what we do!

We are now sharing our most popular lessons via e-courses and workshops so whether you are an enthusiastic beginner or a talented pro, we believe we have something to inspire you. We also do art weekends.

Having taken on-line courses ourselves over the years, as well as teaching workshops, we have learned to deliver courses that students want with lessons that are fun and easy to follow.

We are especially fond of creating things that do not demand a lot of time to watch, learn or make but with stunning results. Our videos and lessons on-line are therefore very easy to follow, as well as to the point. We don’t want you to spend too much time in front of the screen, because it’s all about the creating.

We are passionate about creativity and finding your unique voice in the world. Over the years we have worked with many who have said they were not artistic to unlock the creativity inside them.

We are planning some new exciting art days and weekends for 2022. Dates will be announced soon.

Keep Smiling and Keep Creating!


My creative side was dormant, you woke me up. I enjoyed myself so much! It was a brilliant and inspiring day. Thank you!


Heart on canvas workshop…..
I really enjoyed this Worksop as I was able to create a beautiful picture, whilst learning new skills. Britt and Karen are inspired tutors, showing us each stage, and gave us tips as we went along.
I am very much looking forward to the next one.
Thank you Arty Giraffe!

Angela I. Bates

I had an amazing time discovering my inner creative side. The tuition was easy to follow and to keep up with.
Great value for money and brilliant tutors. Thank you!