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Not On My Shift

It has always been on our hearts to make a difference to people locally and globally through art.

“Not on my shift” was born during a trip to Cambodia in 2016, visiting some great organisations and seeing what amazing difference they make to women, children and men who had been trapped in human trafficking. Visit Chab Dai (http://chabdai.org/) to find out more.

One of the biggest and saddest issues we face as humans today is that although slavery was abolished more than 150 years ago the reality is that slavery still thrives. There are an estimated 27-30 million people trapped in slavery in the world today, (according to the UN) and it encompasses people of all race, colour and age, robbing people of all dignity, hope and a future. The average age of a trafficking victim is 12 years old. Read more facts about human trafficking here.

With these stats one might be overwhelmed and think “How can I change things?” Well, Arty Giraffe believe we can all make a difference and through our online art gallery we are raising money to support these various organisations that are working to combat and bring relief from human trafficking.

Let’s not accept that slavery is happening on our shift. When you buy or sell through Grace Gallery you will be supporting this important work. For more information about selling through Grace Gallery go here.


Hopes and dreams

Changing the world one creative step at a time.

We believe in you. We believe in a world filled with loving, kind, creative people who want to dream big and make a difference.

We hope that we can all make a difference every day of our lives, personally and globally. We’ve seen it happen.

We dream that our journey of Giraffes will grow in creativity, in kindness and will impact the world.

After all, tiny baby steps and big old gullumphing giraffe gallops are all movements forward and that’s what we hope and dream for you and for us; no wasted days but continual movement, development, flow.

One decision to pick up a paint brush and have a go is your beginning, as it was ours. When you decide to do it, even if you’re worried, nervous or afraid, THAT is when you start to change your world.

And once you’ve started changing your world, the next step is to change someone else’s.

So, join us in hoping and dreaming about the impact you can make in your life and in lives around the world. Join our community, learn, have fun and be kind.

We believe you can make all the difference. Today. Now. Forever.

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